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Monday, April 15, 2019
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Live Streaming Trans7 - Trans7 is one of the private television companies in Indonesia that was first named TV7. Previously it turned into Trans7, TV7 was under the auspices of the Kompas Gramedia Group KKG. As well as just on December 15, 2006, TV7 officially exchanged names and logos into Trans7 as well as knitting working relationships with CT Corp. This was done to deal with the tight competition in the Indonesian television section. And even now Trans7, Trans TV, Detikcom, CNN Indonesia and TransVision are also working together to create a group called Transmedia.

Trans7 is a place of inspiration and the benefits of educating and improving the quality of life of people. Trans7 is committed to protecting the integrity of the nation and democratic values ​​by renewing the quality of moral broadcasts that can be received by people and work partners. Trans7 also has a commitment to always provide the best for stakeholders by displaying quality programs and maintaining the moral and work culture that stakeholders can receive.

Trans7 has the slogan "Active, Smart, Entertaining" that was used from 2008 to the present. Where the Trans7 Headquarters is located at Jalan Kapten Tendean Kav 12-14 A, Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta. TV, which is now not only able to be seen through TV airplanes, but has been enjoyed on-line, is also available for Trans7 lovers. Trans7 Streaming TV has also been widely broadcast by sites that provide Online TV services.

The program that can be seen in Trans7 includes Morning Editor, Afternoon Editor, Evening Editor, Night Editor, Khazanah, Kinds of Indonesia, Mirror of Life, God's Secret, Unyil Laptop, Adventurous Boy, On The Spot, Moto GP and many other events . You can also watch Moto7 Trans7 yallakoora streaming that is not shown on private TV, on-line according to the time of day. Because the MotoGP Trans7 program is also a favorite program and many viewers want to watch it.

Trans7 On-line or we can refer to Streaming Trans7, we can enjoy it through our gadgets that are served by the Internet. So, for those of us who have computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets and other gadgets can be used to view Streaming Trans7 by visiting the site of Online TV service providers. We can even see all Trans7 programs 24 hours nonstop if you have a good internet connection, a sign of a stable network and an ideal data quota. Trans7 on-line also presents recorded videos of programs that were broadcast live on Trans7. With that in mind, we can see programs that we have never seen in live time.

So that we can find out about the good and interesting events from Trans7, let's take a look at the following explanation: Morning Editor is Trans7's main news program in the morning from 06:15 WIB to 07:15 WIB. And of course we can also watch via Trans7 Streaming. Afternoon Editor is the most important Trans7 news program that accompanies our afternoon and starts performing at 12:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. WIB. Editor of Afternoon is Trans7's most important news program which appears in the afternoon from 16:15 WIB to 17:00 WIB everyday.

Night Editor is the most important news program from Trans7 which starts performing at 11:00 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. at night. And we can still watch it through Trans7 Streaming. Khazanah is one of the Islamic content shows that appeared on Trans7. This program appeared on Trans7 at 05:15 WIB. Even though they have taken the pros and cons, this event is still maintained to perform. The type of Indonesia is the Trans7 event which presents tourist references from all regions in Indonesia from the start of a variety of habits, culinary or historical tours. This event starts at 05:45 WIB.

Mirror of Life is the Trans7 program that presents films that are lifted from everyday stories. As well as at the end of the event, Ustadz Al-Habsyi will also conclude the contents of the story that has been broadcast with his tausiyah. This program will appear on Monday-Friday starting at 08:00 WIB. The secret of God is that the program that appears on Trans7 presents good movies to see. There is starting at 09:00 WIB. Si Unyil's laptop is the first program that appeared on Trans7 on March 19, 2007. Si Unyil's laptop is currently performing from 12:30 WIB until 13:00 WIB. This program is filled with knowledge and knowledge and technology and reviews games related to science and knowledge.

For those of us who want to know Trans7's daily schedule can be seen on Trans7 today. On the Trans7 website today we can see the daily schedule 24 hours a week from Trans7. And of course Trans7 Online TV also appears 24 hours on the site of the Online TV provider site. Streaming SCTV. Live Streaming Trans7 can be opened with good broadcasts without any buffers as long as our Internet connection is stable and has lots of quota. To see good, interesting and actual shows about news, movies and other interesting events you can access on Streaming Trans7.