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SCTV Live Streaming Watch Indonesian online TV champions league live SCTV stands for Surya Citra Tv, the Indonesian television media company which launched on August 24, 1990 in Surabaya then moved to Jakarta and officially aired once again on January 1, 1993. SCTV is currently on under the auspices of PT Surya Citra Media Tbk led by Sutanto Hartono's father. Currently SCTV Head Office is at SCTV Tower, Senayan City, Jl. Asia-Africa Lot. 19 Jakarta. The SCTV slogan now is "One For All" which began to be used in th. 2005 to date.

Not inferior to different TV stations, SCTV now has been enjoyed via online. Official SCTV streaming can be opened at // www. sctv. co. id / live 24 hours a day for one week. So, to see good and interesting programs on SCTV it is not necessary to be confused once again because currently SCTV On-line has been able to be enjoyed everywhere and at any time through our gadgets which are dislodged to the Internet.

The broadcasts that SCTV brought in included the coverage of 6 nights, Liputan 6 Pagi, Liputan 6 Siang, Liputan 6 evening, FTV SCTV, Inbox, SCTV soap operas and other events. SCTV Live Streaming that presents these programs can also be seen 24 hours nonstop on several websites that provide online TV services.

Streaming SCTV not only can be accessed via PC, yallakoora, laptop, but also can be seen through our Android smartphone even though it is on some smartphones that need to provide applications to be able to see TV streaming. There is also a SCTV Live Streaming program on Streaming SCTV, or a collection of recorded videos that were broadcast live on SCTV before.

So that we can find out about the programs that appear on SCTV and we can watch them on-line, let's review with an overview like the following:

Liputan 6 is the most important news program that shows on SCTV and consists of 4 sides namely Coverage 6 Nights at 01: 30 - 02: 00 WIB Monday to Friday and 02: 00 - 02: 30 WIB on Saturdays. Then Liputan 6 Morning appears from 04: 30 - 06: 00 WIB. The third side is Liputan 6 Siang which is on SCTV starting at 12: 00 - 12: 30 WIB and the fourth one is Liputan 6 Evening which is at 16: 30-17: 00 WIB. All of the news programs can also be watched on-line according to the time of day.

SCTV FTV is an event that presents Indonesian films despite SCTV's distinctive characteristics and different episodes and players in each of the shows. This FTV is filled by several top artists and has talent from Indonesia. This event has 3 sides, namely SCTV FTV, the most important, SCTV FTV Morning and SCTV FTV Afternoon. SCTV FTV Mainly performs at 24:00 WIB, SCTV FTV Morning performs at 10:00 - 12:00 WIB and SCTV FTV Afternoon at 12:30 WIB. This SCTV FTV program can also be opened via on-line in accordance with the time slot.

Inbox is a live music entertainment program that performs daily on SCTV and is filled by several top musicians and quality in Indonesia. From the start of solo singers, bands, popular vocalists, great guitarists as well as good different musicians were seen at this entertainment event. Inboxes appear daily from 06: 30-08: 30 WIB. And of course it can still be seen through SCTV Online.

SCTV Sinetron is an SCTV program that presents a collection of different titles and players and is divided into several episodes. There have been many soap opera titles that have graduated from 10 years. last time until now. As well as this event appearing at specific hours. SCTV Sinetron Pagi performed at 08:30 WIB and SCTV Sinetron Petang started at 17:00 WIB until 23:30 WIB. SCTV soap operas that are still active today are called Hijab I Love You, Mermaid In Love, Love in Exchange, Heaven 2nd. SCTV is also a private TV station in Indonesia which presents quite a lot of soap operas compared to TV. And of course you can also enjoy it via SCTV Streaming. more Indosiar Streaming

Through SCTV Streaming we can also see different events such as the Way Out, Cinema Early Day, Said Ustadz Solmed, Was-Was, Hello Celebrities and football shows. Football events that can also be opened on Streaming SCTV include the Torabika Soccer Championship or the Indonesian League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europe League and Spanish La Liga because SCTV is the broadcasting rights holder of the Football League after winning the bid.

For those of us who want to know SCTV's daily schedule can be seen on SCTV today. On the SCTV website today we can see the daily schedule of 24 hours a week from SCTV. And of course SCTV's On-line TV also appeared 24 hours on the website of the Online TV provider website.