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Watch Free Metro TV Live Oline Streaming TV Without Buffering Today - Metro TV is the Indonesian television media business led by Surya Paloh who owns Media Indonesia news and Lampung Post. Metro TV is a company that has a complete name, PT Media Tv Indonesia, which is called the company's branch of Media Group.

Metro TV has the most recent slogan of "Building a Power Nation" and broadcasting licenses began on October 25, 1999 and began broadcasting starting on November 25, 2000 in Jakarta. Metro TV's Head Office is on Jl. Pilar Mas Raya Kav. A-D, Kedoya Selatan, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently there are approximately 900 employees owned by Metro TV. This TV station is somewhat different from the plan with different tvs, namely in the matter of the program which prioritizes the news only although currently there is also a broadcast in the entertainment section.

At this time, TV can not only be seen via cable or analog TV but can be seen on the Internet which is commonly referred to as online TV. Not except Metro TV, there is also Metro TV Streaming which can be accessed via the Internet network. Streaming Metro TV not only can be accessed via PC, laptop, but also can be seen through our Android smartphone even though it is on some smartphones that need to provide applications to be able to see TV streaming and yallakoora. There are also Metro TV Live broadcasts on Metro TV Streaming shows or a collection of recorded videos that were broadcast live streaming on Metro TV before. Streaming Trans7

Metro TV Streaming or Metro TV On-line may also appear 24 hours a day. Broadcasts or news shows on Metro TV that can be viewed on-line include World News, Metro Morning, Media Indonesia Editorial, Happy Morning Indonesia, Today's Metro, Current Metro, Metro Siang, Metro Xin Wen, Metro Sport, Indonesia Now , Metro Night and other news events. Except for news, there are many Talkshow events that can be seen through Metro TV, namely Kick Andy, Mata Najwa and other events. Metro TV Live to show interesting news and talk shows for viewing.

To find out at a glance about the programs broadcast by Metro TV, we will also discuss them here. World News is a news program broadcast by Metro TV for 30 minutes starting at 00: 05 - 00: 30 WIB. This news program took news from Al Jazeera, CNN, TV Tokyo and others. Morning Metro is Metro TV's most important news program that is shown in the morning. Metro morning starts to appear every morning from 04:30 - 06:00 WIB.

Editorial Media Indonesia is a news program on Metro TV that shows information immediately from the daily newsroom of the Media Indonesia newspaper. This event will be performed for 1 hour starting from 06:00 WIB - 07:00 WIB. Selamat Pagi Indonesia is a speech program broadcast by Metro TV from 07:00 - 08:45 WIB. This event is a fusion of two events, namely 8-11 Show and Morning Talk. Metro Today is the existing Metro TV news program from 17:00 - 18:00 WIB.

Metro Currently, the Metro TV news program is available from 09-00 - 09:30 WIB. Metro Xin Wen, which is a Chinese news program broadcast by Metro TV from 09: 30-10: 00 WIB and presents news related to Chinese people such as entertainment, business, social, culture, education, sports and others. Metro Siang is Metro TV's most important news program which appears during the day from 11:30 - 13:00 WIB Monday to Friday and 11:30 - 12:30 WIB on Saturdays and Sundays.

Metro Sport is a Metro TV news program that presents sports news from home and abroad starting from 23:00 - 23:30 WIB. Indonesia Now is a weekly news program broadcast by Metro TV in English on Saturday at 09:00 WIB. This news program aired news for one week from Asia and Indonesia. Metro Malam is Metro TV's most important news program that shows at night 23: 30 - 00: 00 WIB Monday to Friday and 00: 00 - 00: 30 WIB on Saturdays to Sundays.

Mata Najwa is a popular talk show on Metro TV and is a favorite program. This event was guided by senior journalist Najwa Shihab. This program was featured on Metro TV on Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.. What's interesting about this event is that it shows the theme of good conversation and classy speakers. Even some of the Indonesian presidents have been able to become speakers at this event not except our current president, Jokowi's father. Kick Andy is a talk show that appeared on Metro TV and was hosted by Andy F. Noya. If we want to see or see these programs on Metro TV Online, we can visit our gadget. For those of us who want to know Metro TV's daily schedule can be seen on Metro TV today.

On the Metro TV website today we can see the daily schedule of 24 hours a week from Metro TV. We can watch Live Streaming Metro TV for 24 full hours on Metro TV Streaming. Metro TV Streaming On-line we can access via our gadgets that are connected to the Internet to see events on Metro TV that prioritize news stories at home and abroad. Live Streaming Metro TV can be opened with good broadcasts without any buffers as long as our Internet connection is also stable and has lots of quota. To see good, interesting and actual events about the news you can access on Metro TV Streaming Online.