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Live Streaming ANTV - Antv is one of the private television companies in Indonesia which has the extension Andalas Tv. ANTV used to be under the auspices of PT Cakrawala Andalas Tv. As well as on January 1, 1993, ANTV officially launched in the city of Lampung and aired for 5 hours / day. And ANTV is currently under the ownership of PT Visi Media Asia Tbk through PT Intermedia Capital which is led

The mission that ANTV will also do to reach that vision is as follows: Providing the best quality programs for each family member to support the development of the Indonesian Nation's characteristics with the spirit of creativity and innovation in the ability of teamwork relationships and corporate governance.

ANTV has the slogan "ANTV Cool" which was used from 2015 to the present. The place of ANTV Headquarters is in the Rasuna Episentrum Complex, Lot. 9, Jl. H. R Rasuna Said, Setia Budi, Jakarta. ANTV also has your channel, TVONE, which is working on relationships from 2006 to the present. To find out in detail about ANTV, you can visit www. an. tv.
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ANTV TV station is actually reserved for some teenagers aged 13-25 years, but th. 2002 ANTV switched to a TV that was intended for all ages like several different tvs. ANTV had also obtained the MURI Record (Indonesian Record Museum) as the organizer of the 5-hour Concert held in th. 2001. ANTV on April 30, 2006 knitting a working relationship with world TV namely Star TV. This form of working relationship is yallakoora Star TV buying 20% ​​of shares from ANTV. But in 2009, Star TV released the working relationship and ANTV was signed by the Company.

TV, which is currently not only able to be seen through TV airplanes, but has been enjoyed on-line, has also been available for ANTV lovers. ANTV Streaming TV has also been widely broadcast by sites that provide Online TV services. The program that can be witnessed in ANTV includes the Latest Morning Theme, the Latest Day Theme, Lens Exercising, Night Theme, Jin and Jun, Tuyul and Mbak Yul, Jinny Once again Jinny Once Again, Night Cinema and many other events. ANTV currently also shows Indian and Turkish films such as Cansu and Hazal, Veera, Anandhi, Thapki, Lonceng Cinta, Mohabbatein and other films.

Streaming ANTV again shows films that have been broadcast and currently broadcast once more like Jin and Jun, Jinny Oh Jinny and Putri Duyung can also be watched on-line according to the time of day. On-line ANTV or streaming ANTV can be referred to as we can enjoy through our gadgets that are served by the Internet. So, for those of us who have computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets and other gadgets can be used to view Streaming ANTV by visiting the site of Online TV service providers.

We can even see all ANTV shows 24 hours nonstop if you have a good internet connection, a sign of a stable network and an ideal data quota. On-line ANTV also presents recorded videos of programs that were broadcast live on ANTV. With that in mind, we can see programs that we have never seen in live time. So that we can find out about good and interesting programs from ANTV, let's look at the following explanation:

Super Family 100 is an ANTV quiz program that starts from 18:00 WIB. Super Family 100 is the new name of the Family Quiz 100 which was once held. And of course we can also watch through ANTV Streaming. The ANTV theme is the ANTV news program that accompanies us with 3 sides, the Morning Theme, the Latest Day Theme and the Night Theme. The morning theme appears from 3:30 p.m. until 03:45 p.m. everyday. The latest noon theme starts at 13:50 WIB. As well as the Night Theme, it starts from 01: 00 WIB until 01:30 WIB on Saturdays and Sundays. The ANTV theme was once called ANTV Report, Horizon and ANTV Journal.

Selamat Malam Indonesia is an ANTV news program that appears at night exchanging the Night Theme and Night Exercising Lens. The news program that also included the Talkshow appeared starting at 00: 30 WIB until 01:30 WIB. The Lens of Exercising is a sports news program from ANTV that reports sports information from inside and outside the Nagari. There is starting at 01: 00 WIB for the Night Exercising Lens on Monday to Friday and at 03:45 WIB for Morning Exercise Lens. And we can also watch it through ANTV Streaming.

For those of us who want to know the daily ANTV program schedule can be seen on ANTV today. On the ANTV website today we can see the daily schedule of 24 hours a week from ANTV. And of course ANTV Streaming TV also appears 24 hours on the website of the Online TV provider website.

Streaming ANTV can be opened with good broadcasts without any buffers as long as our Internet connection is stable and has a lot of quota. To see good, interesting and actual shows about news, films and other interesting events you can access on Streaming ANTV. Those are some explanations about online streaming on antv. Hopefully it will be useful for us all.